The Missouri AHEC Digital Library is a partnership of:

Founding Academic Library Partner:

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO

Founding Community Partner:

Mid Missouri Area Health Education Center

Based at Phelps County Regional Medical Center

Rolla, MO

Founding Health Care Partner:

Phelps County Regional Medical Center

In support of its Ted Smith Learning Resource Center

Rolla, MO

Community partnerships are important to the ability of Missouri's communities to train and retain top-notch health care professionals.  One important component of quality health care is access to the latest information from other practitioners and research studies that can be applied to patient care.

To this end, the three founding partners of the Missouri AHEC Digital Library have joined forces to create a library without walls that was designed to reach out to health care providers wherever they practice in the state of Missouri. We offer you the opportunity to partner with us in making available an affordable educational program and information resource to enable the practice of evidence-based medicine in your facility and throughout our state.  

The Missouri AHEC Digital Library is staffed by two professional medical librarians who call upon the expertise of additional professional medical librarians at the University of Missouri's J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library as needed. This staffing arrangement assures you that your requests receive prompt and accurate responses to your specific health information needs.