The MAHEC Digital Library works the way that works best for YOU and YOUR organization

  • Let everyone at your physical location get access with IP Validation
  • Set up personal accounts to track staff usage
  • Access your personal account from work, home, or mobile

MAHEC Digital Library
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The way IP Validation works

IP Validation is the process of giving EVERYONE in your organization access to the MDL. Our technical staff works with your technical staff to determine the IPs (effectively internet addresses) your organization uses to access the internet.

We make sure ANYONE who navigates to the MDL from your physical location (be it a school, clinic, or hospital) is allowed into the Library.

No extra steps. No technical expertise required.
Even those who are bad with computers can do it!

Personal accounts give administrators valuable data

The MDL is designed to give everyone a personal account, whether your organization uses IP validation or not. With a personal account, your students and staff can use the Library from any location on any device.

In addition, personal accounts give educators and administrators valuable data on WHO is using the resources. Get in-depth reports on which departments are using the Library, which resources they use the most, and where improvements can be made.

Personal accounts also give users access to additional features, like accumulating Continuing Education credits JUST FOR SEARCHING!

Let users access the Library from any location on any device

After making a large investment in your staff, make sure they are using it to it’s full potential. Easily access the Library from your computer-on-wheels or tablet as you make your bedside rounds.

Install native applications from resource providers directly on your smartphone and use it wherever is most convenient.

Since the Library is constantly updated with the most recent research you can be confident your staff are using evidence-based-resources. You will never have to question if your staff are performing the proper procedures in the appropriate context. The research speaks for itself!

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