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Evidence Based

Improve and affirm your clinical judgment

The MDL gives your staff and students direct access to the most recent, evidence based resources.

Data informed policies & procedures

Gives easy access to infection prevention, risk management, and clinical educators to inform every policy and procedure in your organization.

Confidence in clinical decision making

Let physicians and nurses instantly access both clinical overviews, and in-depth procedural explanations. Know your clinicians are making decisions based on the evidence.

Full-Text Journals & Books

See the complete study and draw your own conclusions

Make sure your students have access to ALL the information, not just some of it. Quality research requires the ability to take a deep dive into the literature.

Avoid annoying pay-walls

Search engines like PubMed are greating starting points for research. The problem is too many of the world’s most relevant journals and articles are behind pay-walls.

A key staff member in infection prevention finds exactly what they are looking for, only to be thwarted by a $35 “single-use” payout.

With the MAHEC Digital Library, that PubMed search can take you directly to the full-text. If that article isn’t in our Library, you can get it through our inter library loan, absolutely FREE!

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